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Letters: One Reader's View

The Democrats' political math

"Every vote must count!" was the refrain of disgruntled Gore supporters in the controversial 2000 presidential election.

But when it suited the establishment of the Democratic party to disregard the will of the voters, it did so, leaving the presumptive candidate's legitimacy to be questioned.

Ironically, Florida is again part of the controversy, with Michigan also in dispute.

The Democratic National Committee has decided to penalize the voters of Florida by giving their legitimately elected delegates only half a vote each. The ruling on Michigan's delegates is even more bizarre: Four undisputed Hillary Clinton delegates were taken away, while about half of Michigan's delegates were given to Barack Obama, whose name was not even on the ballot!

The Democratic Party's mindless tampering with the results of primary elections has harmed the American people by presenting them with an illegitimate candidate for president.

Ted Meehan

Newtown Square