He does

Regarding the billboard that reads, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone" ("A word for nonbelievers," June 5): Not to worry. God believes in you.

Msgr. Joseph P. McGeown


Costs of inaction

Not surprisingly, President Bush has weighed in against the Senate climate bill ("Global warming: Two steps forward," June 4). He claims it will cost the consumer $6 trillion. That's a a small sum compared with building and maintaining levees to keep back seawater, or the increased cost of food as farmlands become less viable. Shifting to a low-carbon path could benefit the world economy by trillions.

Noni West


Voting rights

I want to thank Michael Smerconish for explaining how we lost our right to vote ("Superdelegates' job: Pick a winner," June 1). Our family has always considered the right to vote a civic duty. We now recognize that we don't have to take time out of our busy days to vote. The outcome is predetermined. Our votes can be overridden because we are thought to be too stupid to pick a winner.

Claire Turner



Page B7. You place photos of the posthumous presentation of a Medal of Honor to the family of Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis on Page B7 ("Honor for heroic Pa. soldier," June 3). Why not the comics section? Is your hatred of President Bush and the military so great that you show such disrespect to a hero? This story belonged, if not on the front page, at least in the A section.

Jim Gallagher


Scouting irony

Regarding the editorial "Boy Scouts: Time to talk" (Inquirer, June 1), it is ironic that the presumably patriotic Boy Scouts would impose a religious test for membership, in contrast to the U.S. Constitution, which bars religious tests for federal office. Many of our best writers, scientists, entertainers, and others who have contributed so much to our country's greatness would be found deficient by the Boy Scouts.

Elkan Katz


Historic race

Here we are winding up a marathon Democratic primary season that was going to make history no matter who won. It was a race that could never have been imagined 30 years ago. And what does Tony Auth see (Inquirer, June 4)? A


for racism and sexism?

Sharon R. Wolfgang