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Letters: One Reader's View

The machine loses a round

Once something is described as a "done deal," it conjures up a feeling in the average citizen that the great machine of political power has started clanking its gears and is about to roll over us, so we had better get back as far away as possible and think about something else.

The machine in Pennsylvania has brought us slot parlors, is rolling over the Barnes Foundation, and has destroyed historic properties to expand the Convention Center. This is all going to be very "good" for "us." We don't have to worry if things don't seem "right," because the machine has an armor of public-relations sound bites and promises to serve the "greater good."

That is why it is such a happy surprise that residents near Burholme Park have won at least this round with the machine. Hooray for Judge Herron for actually supporting the last will of Robert Ryerss and not allowing the park to be used to expand the Fox Chase Cancer Center. It will remain a park at least for as long as it takes the machine to get back up to speed.

Nancy Herman