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Letters: One Reader's View

Don't bash Bush. Give him a break.

Newspaper editorial pages are embarking on a campaign of bashing President Bush. On Saturday, you had to go all the way to the Mideast to find an insulting cartoon. Why so much hate? Sure Bush has made mistakes. We all do. He is a man who tried to do his best for this country, and failed in many ways. He is not a man whose only interests are money and power. He had no girlfriends in the Oval Office. Why don't you let up? He has only one more month in office.

Even with the president-elect's shady background, Barack Obama is being handled with kid gloves. The White House is being respectful in smoothing the transition. There is no animosity, as there was in 2000. Why can't you be patriotic and give Bush a break?

Charles M. Jones