The article on rising sea levels was informative but also disappointing. The information presented on the research and methods was very well done. The reporting on the conclusions from the research was less than forthcoming ("A sinking feeling at Shore?", Tuesday).

First, the rise in sea level pre-1915 clearly supports the opinions of many climate scientists that it is highly unlikely that man's activities and CO2 are the cause of global warming.

Second, the view of a vast majority of climate scientists and others who have studied the data is not whether the Earth is warming and/or cooling but that climate is cyclical and not man-driven.

Third, paleoclimatology, which depends on evaluating sediment and tree rings to establish baselines, is highly speculative (as the recent e-mail scandal revealed) and not as solid an evidence base as the article indicated.

In short, the major conclusion of the article should be that we should prepare for an ever-changing climate and its impact but not destroy our economy by curbing human productivity - which will be needed to deal with the real affects of climate change.

Michael del Rossi

Lower Gwynedd