The Flyers didn't win the Stanley Cup, but they won the hearts of many Philadelphia-area fans.

The team showed lots of the Rocky Balboa-type grit, hustle, and determination that fans here demand of their hometown teams. (Hello, are you listening, Sixers?)

The Flyers just eked into the playoffs on the last day of the season, so not many fans expected to be watching hockey on Broad Street in June.

But the Flyers battled back, over, and through nearly two months of electric, grueling playoff games. They overcame bloody injuries and mounted some amazing comebacks.

The spirited run provided a much-needed counterweight to the then-slumping Phillies. On several nights, the Flyers put more points on the board than the Phils.

In the end, though, they seemed to run out of gas - and miracles. The Chicago Blackhawks had more speed and talent, and deserved to win the Cup. But the Flyers secured their place in many Philadelphians' hearts.