Gov. Rendell views his efforts to enact measures to prevent gun violence as "an abject failure" and "a lost cause" ("Fighting futility of Pa. gun issue," Dec. 1).

We at Heeding God's Call, the faith-based and grassroots movement to prevent gun violence, share the governor's dismay. The legislature ignores both public safety and the support of a solid majority of Pennsylvanians for sensible gun-violence-prevention measures in order to do the bidding of the gun lobby and a small but loud group of pro-gun zealots.

We believe this is "darkness before dawn" time, knowing it's likely the next administration and legislature will make things even worse by enacting a bill, vetoed by Rendell, to make it easier for anyone to claim a threat and use his or her gun in public, where innocent people could be pulled unwittingly into the midst of a gun battle.

In a season where all faiths celebrate light, we are reminded by the prophet Isaiah that "God's justice is a light to the people," and with that light we see this new dawn approaching and Heeding God's Call pointing the commonwealth to it. People of faith are fed up with a polity dominated by a lobby intent on encouraging gun sales at any cost in crime and lives.

With the help of people of faith who seek to save lives, rather than throwing them on the pyre of gun industry profits, Heeding's campaigns will lead to the new dawn of safety over the next few years.

Rev. James F. McIntire

Chair, Coordinating Committee, Heeding God's Call