Your editorial "Children's hour" (Friday) misstates some realities.

The extraordinary bickering on the Board of Commissioners exists primarily between my two Republican colleagues. Their bitterness toward each other stems from the last campaign. They each believe the other is a traitor to the Republican Party and they could not form a government after their victory in 2007.

The bipartisan coalition that Jim Matthews and I have formed drives some people crazy. The voters love bipartisanship, but party leaders hate it. In reality, we are governing well.

I am totally confident that no violations of the Sunshine Law occurred at our breakfasts. I understand and respect the limits of the law and am always careful to obey it.

I regret your criticism of "plans" to continue the breakfasts, since I have already announced that I will no longer participate. This was reported two days before your editorial.

The Matthews-Hoeffel coalition has reduced spending on county bureaucracy, avoided tax increases, started an economic development program directly responsible for 600 more jobs in Norristown, started a transportation program that has completed five projects around the county to ease traffic congestion, and strengthened the county's ethics code.

Joe Hoeffel

Montgomery County Commissioner