The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is just another in a long list of biases, prejudices, persecutions, and ignorance in American history. All cases are immoral and unethical. This most recent case is unpatriotic as well ("House OKs 'don't ask' repeal; fate in Senate still uncertain," Thursday).

The clothing worn in colonial America was made from cotton picked by slave labor.

The Capitol and White House were built with slave labor.

The cross-country railroads were built by immigrant Chinese.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves - as the reconstructed President's House in Philadelphia attests.

African Americans were still being lynched in this country well into the 1930s, and beyond in some cases.

Japanese Americans had their farms and homes taken away, and they were put in camps during World War II. Some of these people left the camps and served in the military during the war.

Finally, the U.S. military was not ordered to integrate until 1948.

Prejudice prevents gays from serving their country in battle, while the people they fight to protect vilify them.

Time for a reality check.

Philip Lustig