The circumstances surrounding the "accidental" shooting of Barry Groh are appalling, to say the least ("Slain hunter deserves justice," Wednesday). For this trio of supposed sportsmen to remain silent as a paramedic checked Groh's body says worlds about the morality of former Montgomery County District Attorney Michael D. Marino, who was in the hunting party; his nephew David Manilla; and a friend. Although Marino wasn't charged, his behavior leaves him with a whole lot of explaining to do, and I hope he's forced to do it at risk of being disbarred. Here are a few questions that I have:

Isn't giving false or incomplete information to an investigating officer tantamount to aiding and abetting? As a former district attorney, and officer of the court, was not Marino compelled to report that his nephew, a felon, had not only a gun but an illegal hunting weapon? Surely Marino was aware of the ban on felons owning firearms, and it's hardly believable that he was unaware that the weapon that killed Groh was illegal for hunting use. I hope Groh's family sues both Marino and Manilla, who has been charged in the death.

Stephen Collins

Huntingdon Valley