There's nothing better than football played in the snow - especially when viewed from the living room sofa with a cold beverage and warm flames crackling in the fireplace.

That explains why many fans were rightly upset that the Eagles-Vikings game was moved to Tuesday night. But the decision by the NFL and the Eagles to postpone the game was the proper one.

With a massive storm hammering much of the Northeast on Sunday, there were legitimate public safety concerns to warrant rescheduling the game. Mayor Nutter issued a snow emergency and asked motorists to stay off the roads to give crews time to work.

With the game scheduled to start after 8 p.m., it made no sense to have thousands of fans - including many who would have spent the day boozing - driving to the game or home in the middle of a storm that blanketed the city in a foot of snow, and snarled roads and public transportation.

Gov. Rendell, who has spent much of his recent adult life getting chauffeured, called the decision a "joke," and complained that "we're becoming a nation of wussies."

The soon-to-be former governor is flat wrong. It took more courage to do the right thing and postpone the game. Go Eagles!