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Letters to the Editor

I am writing to express my utter embarrassment as a Philadelphian. I cannot believe that the Eagles-Vikings game was postponed for such a non-apocalyptical snow event. This is the kind of snowstorm that wouldn't even begin to slow down any other real NFL

Man up, Philly, and play football

I am writing to express my utter embarrassment as a Philadelphian. I cannot believe that the Eagles-Vikings game was postponed for such a non-apocalyptical snow event. This is the kind of snowstorm that wouldn't even begin to slow down any other


NFL city. My entire family and I were looking forward to an evening of watching


football played in


football weather in a


football town. I can only imagine how annoyed everyone is who now must work Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

If the city or NFL is concerned about fan safety, issue a "be safe" warning and let presumably responsible adults make their own decisions. This is football, not ballet. Man up, Philadelphia.

Sarah Shiffert

Bethesda, Md.

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Park's pursuit of education

Inga Saffron provides many insights into the design process of Independence Mall ("For tourists and city, not re-created equal," Sunday). I have been a frequent visitor to the historic district and I agree with Saffron's assessment regarding the ambience of the park and use by local residents. I disagree, however with her comparison to Millennium Park in Chicago.

It would be more appropriate to compare Millennium Park to the Kelly and MLK Drive area of Fairmount Park. Philadelphians (and citizens from surrounding areas such as myself) adore this park every bit as much as Chicagoans adore their Millennium Park. Their purposes are similar, to provide open park space for outdoor recreating. The main purpose of the Independence Mall area is to educate, albeit in an outdoor park-like setting.

Independence Mall, after all, is a national historical park, not a national recreation area. While it is true it should be physically inviting to locals, the site belongs to the citizens of the entire United States and must be treated as such.

Richard Feuer


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A prayer for all in the church

In the article, "In Rome, vigilance for pope" (Saturday), Pope Benedict XVI "prayed that the faithful today might become more like Christ." There are people all over the world that pray that the pope, the cardinals, the bishops, and the priests might become more like Christ. Would Jesus Christ have transferred pedophile priests from parish to parish to parish? Would Jesus Christ have covered up the sex abuse of children for decades?

Mary-Ellen Creamer


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Think paddle boats for the Schuylkill

I believe you have summed up the opposition to the Ride the Ducks on the Schuylkill ("Duck plan doesn't fly," Wednesday). It is a bad idea. Perhaps, though, since people are always attracted to water, there could be a revival of the paddle wheel boats that once transported visitors to the Bicentennial in Fairmount Park. They don't make noise, the scenery is beautiful on the upper Schuylkill, and it might open opportunities for other tourist attractions along or near the river.

Don Mechlin


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Shoppers manage without big signs

John J. Connors proposes large, bright signs as the remedy for the section of Market Street where the real problems are bad design (the Gallery), a large government building (the post office), and a vast parking lot (an example of municipal inaction) are the real problems ("Let Market East adapt," Wednesday).

Big signs inform people in cars; shopping is done on foot. Ask any shopper if big, bright signs would induce them to shop in this four-block area. Shoppers find what they want throughout Center City, including the adjacent district east of the proposed "advertising district," without digital signs. Indeed, all of the many successes over the decades that Connors describes were accomplished without this mistaken permission.

If highway style billboards are approved on East Market, where will we find them next - West Market?

Lawrence Houstoun


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FCC power grab over the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission's attempt to regulate the Internet, in defiance of Congress and court decisions, is the footprint of a dictatorship ("Keep it neutral," Friday). This is de facto rule by decree; the courts, the Congress and the people are ignored. Congressional acquiescence to President Obama's FCC power grab makes Congress irrelevant. Congress must pass a bill forbidding the FCC from regulating the Internet and suspend all FCC funds if it persists.

Frederick Willis


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Pennsylvania needs Philly

If Philadelphia were to leave Pennsylvania, the state would crumble ("Radical fix for Phila., Camden problems," Thursday). Just think about how much the state would lose if it lost its biggest city and most popular tourist destination: no revenue from Philadelphia sports teams, no tourism generated by the historical attractions, not to mention all of the businesses that reside in the city. It's the equivalent of suggesting that London leave the United Kingdom and join Ireland to help with its economic turmoils.

Brian Kordeck