We are writing to commend the Lenfest family for their generous donation of $750,000 to Mayor Nutter's PhillyGoes2College initiative ("Education aid," Friday). We hope these increased resources will bring awareness to the fact that the most important measure of success for Philadelphia's public schools is the percentage of students that completes college.

Low-income and minority students face considerable obstacles on their paths to college degrees, including insufficient financial resources, poor academic preparation in high school, and a lack of support in college.

As educators who provide college counseling at a high performing charter school, we recognize how the PhillyGoes2College initiative will help us better serve our students. As we all work together to meet the mayor's goal of doubling the college completion rate from 18 percent to 36 percent, we are grateful to the Lenfests for their vision and leadership.

Sarah Gomez

Susan Larson


KIPP Through College Program

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