Thanks for Monday's article about deaf education and the benefits of cochlear implants and other devices ("Deaf education evolving with implants"). I would like to reinforce what the article said about the benefits of early detection and the "auditory-oral" approach embraced by private schools and the publicly funded "intermediate units."

When your firstborn baby girl does not pass the newborn hearing screening, you realize that you need a plan. The plan our intermediate unit formulated, as well as the education it provided my wife and me, has served as the basis for our daughter Sammy's advancement.

By the time Sammy was 6 months old, we had a hearing-support teacher at our home on a weekly basis. Sammy is now a happy student in the IU department's classroom in Audubon. She continues to test at or above the level of her "normal hearing" peers. So mainstream schooling remains a very reachable goal.

I think it important to emphasize that, sometimes, parents may not have to look any farther than their county IU department to find the resources they need for the challenges they face.

Eric L. Rehling