Applaud values Tebow represents

Fifty years ago, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow would have been considered an all-American idol. He's handsome, athletic, religious, and moral. He represents traditional values of personal restraint, selflessness, and love of family and God ("So far, Tebow is defying all the cynics," Dec. 11).

Today we live in a society that has been almost completely purged of this image by a boomer generation relentless in its quest to tear down anything that smacks of traditionalism. In the name of "realism," "progressivism," "being cool," or "personal freedom," the boomers leave a legacy of sarcasm, mistrust, snarky elitism, hedonism, and massive governmental and personal debt. Is this the America they envisioned when they took to the streets in 1960s preaching "free love" and "turn on, tune in, and drop out"?

Our society is narcissistic, suspicious, and jaded. We are hardened emotionally and scoff at the idea of personal responsibility and sacrifice. If we laugh and scoff at the idea of someone being proud of his traditions, morals, and religious beliefs today, what lies down the road?

Christopher Knob, Media,

The facts on tax law for e-retailers

The op-ed "Gov. Corbett's stealth tax hike" (Dec. 8) distorted the Department of Revenue's clarification of existing tax law for e-retailers. Consider the facts:

Pennsylvania's sales and use tax dates back to 1953. The law has not changed; rather, the e-commerce industry has changed in recent years, more and more resembling brick-and-mortar stores with physical presence in Pennsylvania.

Creating a truly level playing field among e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers has the potential to grow jobs and wages in Pennsylvania.

The current nexus definition in state law provides the legal framework for this clarification; there is no need for the General Assembly to expand the department's authority.

Physical presence is the basis the department uses for establishing nexus, as required by the U.S. Constitution and consistent with state and federal court rulings.

Companies simply advertising in Pennsylvania - with no physical presence in the state - are not obligated to collect and remit sales tax. When advertising establishes a relationship for compensation with a Pennsylvania-based seller or website, that's when nexus is established.

Unfortunately, the op-ed's inaccurate portrayal of the Revenue Department's position appears to be no more than an unfounded attempt to put industry interests above tax fairness.

Dan Meuser, Secretary of Revenue, Harrisburg

Hillary for president?

In an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal that was referred to in the Inquirer editorial "Nothing 'super' about failure" (Nov. 22), Democrats Patrick H. Caddell, pollster for Jimmy Carter, and Douglas E. Schoen, pollster for Bill Clinton, urge President Obama to abandon his candidacy for reelection in favor of "the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

The question of whether Obama could win is secondary to who, Democrat or Republican, would have the best chance of pulling this country together. Obama has failed to do so, although by no means is this a situation entirely of his own making. In contrast, the Journal authors say Clinton is in a better position to both win and govern, as well as rise above Washington gridlock. Additionally, as secretary of state, she has demonstrated the critically important ability to gain the respect of world leaders.

Will Obama and the Democrats have the courage to do what is best for the country? Perhaps that will depend on what they hear from their constituents.

Norma Van Dyke, Philadelphia,

A Gingrich-Paul ticket

If I were to vote today, I would pick a ticket of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, either one to be president or vice president. They both understand why this present administration is so dysfunctional and both know exactly how to fix it. Reelecting President Obama would be a monumental disaster.

Isadore Lieberman, Bala-Cynwyd

Gingrich the demagogue

Ever the demagogue, Newt Gingrich declares that the Palestinians are an "invented people," ignoring the fact that these Palestinian people have lived in that region for hundreds of years. It's these kinds of outlandish comments that reveal Gingrich to be a loose cannon who has neither the prudence nor the temperament to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the free world.

William Cooney, Philadelphia