Market endures by any name

The original Ninth Street farmers market was called Philadelphia Farmers Market, and I believe a sign post is still there that says that. It was probably erected in the 1880s, and probably full of German farmers. Sometime around 1950, another sign post was erected that said Italian Market, and it's still there, of course ("Has the Italian Market outgrown its name?" April 24). By The Inquirer's logic, if the Germantown section of the city should remain so-named, despite the ethnic changes through the years, and Chinatown treated similarly, we should not change the name of the market to something Asian, or Latino, but keep only one sign - which says Philadelphia Farmers Market.

Joseph M. Choclos, Flourtown

Well-charted transportation path

Our nation's roads and bridges are in need of repair, and Americans say they are willing to pay for it as long as they see improvements in safety and quality of life through congestion relief ("New rules of the road," April 25). Commentator Bernard L. Weinstein veers off into that comfortable place of suggesting that our children and grandchildren should pay off our repair bill with bonds. But other states are having problems with this approach.

Fortunately, Gov. Corbett and State Sen. John Rafferty (R., Montgomery) have put forth comprehensive plans that address our public transit as well as our highway funding needs. Their proposals mirror that of the 2011 Transportation Funding Advisory Commission. It's time to solve this issue once and for all. These two plans offer responsible avenues in which we all will share the cost now - not pass it on to the next generation.

Robert E. Latham, executive vice president, Associated PA Constructors; member, 2011 Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, Harrisburg

Memorable day in the bleachers

Despite Philadelphia's reputation for being tough on its sports teams, at least one team - even with its rocky start this year - is very good to fans, nonetheless. My wife and I had the joy of spending our son's ninth birthday with him at Citizens Bank Park, and every single person we encountered played a role in making his day one he'll always remember. From the parking attendants to the superstar-players themselves, every person who worked for the home team was classy and made my son feel special. This sort of thing makes us root, root, root for the Phils.

Andrew Becker, Cherry Hill,

Montco elections chief's loss

Montgomery County commissioners should be ashamed of themselves for firing Joe Passarella, the county's director of voter services ("Political spitting match after firing in Montco," April 23). In my years as the county's human resources director, as well as my past 12 years serving as judge of elections in Lower Gwynedd, there wasn't a more dedicated, competent, hardworking, and thoroughly decent individual than Passarella.

Gordon Lawrence, Blue Bell,