Row on, Temple

The rowing community is shocked and saddened by Temple University's decision to drop rowing from its sports programs. Temple men's and women's crew have an illustrious competitive history, with the men winning an unprecedented 20 championship titles at the Dad Vail Regatta. Temple's earlier announced intention to build a boathouse along Kelly Drive and, as part of the proposal, to fund a substantial portion of the renovation of the Canoe House, was a hopeful and welcome sign to the rowing community that Temple's program continued to be strong. As the oldest organized voice of the city's rowing community, the Schuylkill Navy supports all efforts to work with the university to reconsider this decision and to ensure that Temple boats continue their presence on the Schuylkill and rowing venues everywhere.

Margaret Meigs, commodore, Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia

Give peace a chance

After 9/11, there was good cooperation behind the scenes with Iran - right up until the moment President George W. Bush gave his "Axis of Evil" speech. Flash forward to 2013 and the chances of achieving a diplomatic accord with Iran on its nuclear program: That agreement can only be destroyed if the Senate publicly prepares to ratchet up sanctions as a contingency. Surely, senators can keep their collective mouths shut until the Iranian diplomacy effort actually has been deemed to be a failure.

Roy Lehman, Woolwich Township

Company we keep

Who makes the decision to run Charles Krauthammer's pointless rants against President Obama? Last week's was so lacking in facts and so tainted by what can be best described as blind hatred that I question the objectivity of the editors ("Lawlessness in D.C.," Dec. 2).

A few months ago, Krauthammer cited the absolute brilliance of George W. Bush. He predicted a future in which Bush would be regaled as a hero. Krauthammer's perceptions are very flawed - and he never offers one word of constructive advice. Publishing his pointless jabber makes one question the credibitily of the entire paper.

Steve Kaplan, Conshohocken

Memory vault

As cofounder of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation and former board member of the League of Historic American Theatres, I appreciate how Philadelphia's distinguished history of preserving landmarks associated with the founding of our nation has been rewarded in tourism revenue, and believe that the Boyd Theater holds the same promise ("The 'facadectomy' treatment," Nov. 22). Movie palaces are repositories of memory and meaning. The Boyd holds a special place in the memories of generations. Over its life, it has changed hearts and minds. The short-term benefits of the iPic proposal pale in comparison with the dividends that will come if the city truly saves the Boyd.

Hillsman Wright, Marietta, Ga.,

View hinged on visit

I worked in Bala Cynwyd for five years but never visited the nearby Barnes Foundation until the art gallery moved to the Parkway. So, thanks to departing Barnes chief Derek Gillman, I can't look at a print in my house without wondering what kind of hinge I could put over it. My trips to Lowe's have taken on a whole new meaning.

Ed Truncale, Erial,

No love for park fix

The city's plan to sell the garage under Love Park may make economic sense, but not using some proceeds to refurbish the park. Why would a city that has a huge pension deficit and a failed education system use the money for this frill?

David C. Harrison, Philadelphia,