Nothing that happened on 9/11 would justify our country's use of interrogation techniques that amount to torture.

If you believe that, maybe you should live in another country.

|Sean Higgins, Downingtown

Making life miserable for our sworn enemies for a little while? Sorry, no regrets.

|Joseph Springer, Southampton

Our only hope in the long run is to persuade the world that we're the good guys. In that context, the torture story is catastrophic.

|Jack Armstrong, West Chester

We all should be sitting ducks singing "Kumbaya" with dithering terrorists while the clock ticks down to the next 9/11, or worse?

|James E. Harris, Cherry Hill

Our country has always been proud to be a nation of laws and honor, a beacon of light and hope. How can we use torture?

|Sheryl Kalick, Philadelphia

It is worth it if even one life can be saved. The terrorists murder innocents in a barbaric way on a daily basis.

|Michael Woloshin, Medford

The personification of evil that is militant Islam requires eradication by any and all measures, including torture.

|Gene Muccolini, Eastampton

Torture is always wrong. Believing Dick Cheney's poison is destroying America's rightful claim to exceptional status.

|Don DeMarco, Philadelphia

The terrorist acts of 9/11 were undeniably horrendous and atrocious. Torture, man's inhumanity to man, however, can never be condoned. The end does not justify the means.

|Diane L. Donato, West Chester