A birth started it all

As a Christian, I don't mind the excess embellishments of lighted trees and houses, Santas, snowmen, or deer, but I do wonder why there aren't as many lighted nativity scenes. When I recently asked managers in area stores why they did not display a nativity scene or sell many, I was told that they do not want to offend anyone. Their stores are reaping the benefits of Christmas, yet they can't take note of the true meaning of Christmas.

|Thelma Scarpa Bucikowski, Vineland


Critique off the mark

In the lengthy article on the negative attention drawn to the Affordable Care Act through Rich Weinstein's archive-diving research on an Obamacare architect's comments, it would have been great to have the question raised as to why the United States stands out as the only developed nation without universal health care ("Angry citizen's impact," Dec. 14). The new law is a tiny step in the right direction but it is a reminder of how the nation lags in providing quality and affordable health care for all citizens.

|John A. Kovach, Wallingford