"My one great idea for Philadelphia is a civil justice center where all of the ... organizations that provide legal services to the needy are in one building.

"If you think about it, each one of these organizations has a separate IT structure, a separate HR function, separate conference rooms. Imagine the money that you can save. If you save that money, you can buy more lawyers, and therefore you can serve more clients.

"From ... simply the cost efficiency perspective, it's huge. But also imagine having all those truly amazing lawyers who right now serve in legal-services organizations in one place. The intellectual synergies that will occur there are amazing.

"Then you think about it from the perspective of the clients. Let's say you are a client—a woman who is just about to be kicked out of her house, whose husband is beating her, whose children have special education issues. Those are four separate issues that you have to deal with. Right now, you have to go to four separate organizations. If you have everyone in one place, it's so much better and so much more efficient."

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