Posted by Jim David on

Mitt Romney desperately tries to project the image of a perfect America with a perfect wife and perfect sons with their perfect little Osmond babies and their perfect bank accounts and their perfect morals, until you want to puke your perfect guts out.

His contempt for the intelligence of the public rivals George W's . . .

The most hypocritical and horrifying thing you will see in the entire presidential campaign, I guarantee, is his speech on his Mormon religion. He pleads for religious tolerance, but not for any tolerance of the nonreligious: "We ARE a nation under God, and in God we DO INDEED trust, we SHOULD acknowledge the Creator as did the Founders . . . I will take care to separate the affairs of government from any religion, but I will not separate us from the God who gave us liberty." . . .

Fortunately, most evangelicals are prejudiced against Mormons.

Posted by Eric Zorn on

Do you remember the name of the Virginia Tech student who went on that horrifying rampage on the Blacksburg campus in April, killing 32 students and faculty before killing himself?

I don't. Nor, offhand, do I remember the names of any of the other rampaging gunmen of recent history (with the exception of the Columbine killers, whose names stick in my mind).

Point being, the "fame" that the young man sought when he opened fire in an Omaha shopping mall Wednesday is utterly fleeting and illusory.

I can't remember that name . . . because I've tried to gloss over it, banish it from my mind the moment it enters.

His identity isn't important. His unhappy life story is no more an object lesson or cautionary tale than the unhappy life stories of any person who commits suicide.

We don't need to know it. And, because the hope that media would tell his story to the world apparently inspired the Omaha killer, we shouldn't read or hear much about it.