Stu Bykofsky: A bike lane, suddenly appearing at 22nd, with no bike lane for the first 22 blocks of Lombard, right where traffic is turning to exit the city from Lombard at 22nd, has thrown that block into a crisis at rush hour. I hear the horns from 3 p.m. on, and I live a block away. With narrow streets and so much mixed use, these permanent posts to close off the lane to other traffic would be such a bad idea.

What about the eight-wheelers who drop off appliances to apartment buildings, Lyft, Uber, UPS, the buses getting out of the way of that one lane of traffic to drop off and pick up, especially the handicapped?

I am an avid biker, and it isn't safe out there for bikes, I agree, but better route planning and publishing could go a long way. Enforcing a speed limit for cars, and banning cellphone use could help as well.

Thanks for your good article.

Jim Miller, Philadelphia