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Latest Stories

Kate Smith a casualty like Joe Paterno, Frank Rizzo | Readers respond

On Sunday, the Flyers removed the bronze statue of the late singer Kate Smith from outside Xfinity Live!.

Bicyclists are too impatient/Reader Response

A biker may have to wait a full 10 to 20 seconds before the traffic clears enough so they can go around from behind.

Find shared principles / Readers Response

It is time we reasserted a shared set of American principles for each party and each citizen to work toward.

Bike lane posts bad idea/Reader Response

Enforcing a speed limit for cars, and banning cellphone use could help as well.

Another child injured playing near trains/Reader Response

Perhaps an educational program in our schools and step up police patrols would be in order.

Bicyclists are menace/Reader Response

Ninety-eight percent of the bicyclists in Center City are a menace and should be off the streets.

When did the world change? / Reader Response

When did playing in front of your house with kids from the neighborhood become play dates?

Trump - Con man or Making America Great Again? | Readers respond

The president has broken campaign promises; he also has accomplished some of them.

Price of football glory too great? | Readers respond

Parents, players, fans, and the media must weigh the benefits of football against the strong scientific evidence of brain injury.

Bob Brady - Another corrupt politician or voice of the people? | Readers respond

The congressman's alleged bribery of an opponent hurts democracy. Some constituents know him as a champion of animal rights.