June 10 is the 50th anniversary of the landmark decision in Terry v. Ohio, the Supreme Court decision that legalized the controversial practice of stop-and-frisk. In recent weeks, the conversation around stop-and-frisk in Philadelphia has escalated, after the arrest of two black men in a Starbucks in Center City.

Later this week, the Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com will share a variety of viewpoints on Terry v. Ohio, and its impact on Philadelphia and beyond. As part of this, we've partnered with Praise 107.9 to gather the stories and opinions of real Philadelphians.

Praise host Solomon Jones, whom our readers will recognize from his weekly columns, will dedicate part of his Thursday show to the topic of stop-and-frisk. You're invited to call in to add your voice to the conversation. Whether it's a personal story of being stopped, an opinion about how the practice affects Philadelphia, or an idea for an alternative, we want to hear from you.

Some stories may be used on Philly.com and transcribed for publication in the Inquirer and Daily News.

Here’s how you can share your personal stories and views on stop-and-frisk:

When: Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 10 a.m. to noon

Phone number: 215-263-1079

If you'd rather share your story privately, you can also email epalan@philly.com with the subject line "Stop and frisk." Please include your first and last name and your location (neighborhood is fine) and the best way to contact you if we have follow up questions.