When did playing in front of your house with kids from the neighborhood become play dates? When did your cellphone become a device? When did soccer become the game of choice among young children? When did people stop thanking you for holding a door for them? When did your cable bill surpass your electric bill? When did little children become prima donnas? When did people stop going to playgrounds? When did higher education become big business? When did finishing fifth become deserving of an award? When did non-athletic men become involved in Professional sports? When did a professional athlete's style of dress and political opinion become so important? When did a snow storm become a wintry mix? When did a rain storm become an event? When did going to jail become incarceration? When did a child's learning or failure become the school's responsibility and not the parent's? When did writing a letter become extinct? When did a tuition bill become a second mortgage?

Anthony Zajko, Glenolden, az7623@verizon.net