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Pa. Supreme Court's congressional map advances radical, liberal agenda | Scott Wagner

Pennsylvania is in a constitutional crisis. Stand with me, and let's solve it.

State Sen. Scott Wagner, a York Republican, is running for governor of Pennsylvania.
State Sen. Scott Wagner, a York Republican, is running for governor of Pennsylvania.Read moreAP

By deciding last week to force its own congressional map on the people of Pennsylvania, our Supreme Court made an unprecedented and reckless ruling that could have drastic implications for years to come.

If I were governor, I would refuse to implement the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's remedial map and I would instruct the secretary of the commonwealth to oversee the 2018 elections under our old map – the map that was created by bipartisan, elected representatives of the people.

Not only did the court make a deliberate political move to implement a map designed to get more Democrats elected to the U.S. House of Representatives – the very definition of gerrymandering – but it overstepped its constitutional authority in order to do so.

It is impossible to reflect on the commonwealth's redistricting saga and not conclude that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Gov. Tom Wolf are working in tandem to circumvent the will of Pennsylvania voters and advance their radical, liberal agenda.

If the court really wanted to create fair districts, why did it give the legislature such a short time to draw new maps? Why would it implement such drastic changes in the midst of the 2018 primary election? Why did the court not issue its full opinion and provide the criteria it wanted for a new map until it was too late?

If  the governor really wanted a fair map, why did he refuse to come to the table and negotiate with the legislature after he rejected the Republican leadership's proposal?

The answer to these questions is that the redistricting fight was never about fair maps.

This fight enables a politically motivated court to do the bidding of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros who have stated that their goal is to install progressive power in the states — starting with Pennsylvania.

The Supreme Court issued an initial order to draw new maps. Wolf ran out the clock to thwart any effort by the legislature to have a say in the process. A liberal, out-of-state professor was invited to step in and carve up our commonwealth. In turn, Democrats will dump millions into their 2018 campaigns in Pennsylvania. 

This redistricting disaster was nothing less than a quid pro quo.

Now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued the final order in its takeover scheme, and has directed the executive branch to implement its remedial map for the 2018 congressional elections.

Wolf should not comply. Rulings by the Supreme Court only have weight if a governor chooses to implement them. That's the entire purpose of separation of powers. If a governor can't stand up to an order he deems unconstitutional, then he is a subordinate of the court.

I invite people all over Pennsylvania  to take a stand with me against national interest groups, against George Soros and his permanent progressive power, against having your voice drowned out by a corrupt state Supreme Court, and against a governor who is complicit in ignoring the Constitution and rigging the electoral system.

Wolf's lack of leadership has delivered to us a constitutional crisis. Stand with me, and let's give him an electoral one.

Scott Wagner, a Republican state senator from the 28th district, is running for governor of Pennsylvania. @SenScottWagner