Luxury Sporting Goods: Anytime you mention the word "see-through," it is a good bet that you likely have immediately captured the rapt attention of most men (including myself). It is probably a genetic thing that most women call a "flaw." However, this made-for-two, see-through hybrid kayak-canoe snared all of us. It is made of a polymer akin to that used for cockpit canopies of supersonic jets. Its anodized aluminum frame makes it lightweight and easy to transport.

The hybrid has adjustable seats. And, being wide like a canoe, it offers more stability than a standard-width kayak. The hull can hold up to 425 pounds, and it comes with two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices. Having your own "glass-bottom" boat adds a visibility factor that enriches canoeing or kayaking tenfold. Being able to see aquatic wildlife and waterscapes is priceless. This multi-sport vessel with its endearing translucency offered by Hammacher Schlemmer comes in at around $1,500.