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Beach Resort Cycle Boat:

Chill Out or Workout!

Luxury Toys: Since walking on water doesn't work, how about pedaling across it instead? Many upscale beach resorts include these sporty, one-man-or-woman-powered water-recreation vehicles to guests. It is ideal for a slow cruise or a serious aerobic workout, as it has a six-to-one drive ratio that easily accommodates either desire. An adjustable seat allows room for a non-pedaling passenger too.

The cycle boat's high-density polyethylene construction is capable of holding up to 340 pounds despite only weighing in at 134 pounds. Its perfectly balanced pontoons make the ride smooth and stable, while the blades of the craft are hinged to avoid getting hung up when launching or docking. The seamless hull is guaranteed not to leak, and its shaft-driven propeller is corrosion-proof.

Mermaids will look up and take notice when they see a cycle boat floating overhead. It makes for a grand gift with an approximate cost of a thousand bucks. The little wave skimmer is available online at Hammacher Schlemmer.