Luxury Jewelry: When you think about it, no one would throw a diamond away on purpose (even if it came from an unsavory source). We keep them, wear them, give them as gifts, and, truth be told, pawn them. But we do not obliterate them from the planet. So diamonds really are forever. Whether you're new to diamonds or you have been best friends for years, you may have heard of Mondera, the jeweler to the stars. If you haven't heard of them, you probably recall hearing about a $12 million rare diamond worn by Naomi Campbell during the Julien MacDonald fashion show in 2002 or the 10-carat diamond encrusted Motorola V. Series phone that debuted during CNN's red carpet pre-show just before the Oscar's.

Since 1999, Mondera diamonds have graced the necks, wrists, fingers and earlobes of Hollywood's elite, earning its own place in the jewelry hall of fame. It's been said that in Ancient Rome only royalty could wear gold jewelry but fortunately for us, the kings and queens of the silver screen do not hold a monopoly on owning and wearing gorgeous diamonds. Combining high quality gems and jewelry, exceptional customer service, and expert advice, Mondera has successfully served thousands of customers, both celebrity and non-celebrity. You'll find diamonds, gemstones and other jewelry fit for royalty at, from pearl lexicons to coral classifications. Shop by product or occasion, or Design Your own diamond ring and earrings by selecting shape, cut, price, carat size, color and clarity. Visit