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Hair for the holidays: Glamour's the key

Now that invitations are arriving for holiday parties, it's time to think about your overall look for the coming festivities. There's more to it than clothes. Once you know what you're wearing, top off the look with a great hairstyle.

Even the best dress won't hit the mark unless your hair and makeup are just as special.

Pam Cutler, owner of Salon Knotty, agrees that glamour is a key word.

"Think about the glamorous Veronica Lake with her loose waves," she said. Fisher said he was surprised recently when several high-school age girls wanted Marcel waves for special occasions. Those are retro, flat-against-the-head curls.

Stylists agree, longer lengths are hot right now. Extensions are the answer for women who want long hair but don't want to wait for their hair to grow out, Jimenez said. Fisher and Cutler have been doing a lot of updos and expect to do more during the holiday season.

"We're backcombing a lot of hair these days and doing big bumps and little bumps on top with little French twists," Fisher said. If you don't want to wear your long hair up, Fisher says that loose curls are a good option, but hair should be teased on top so there is some height.

"Height always looks good," he said. Whether you decide to wear your hair up or down, long or short, the important thing is to get out of the hairstyle rut. "With winter and the holidays coming, it makes it a great time for a change," Fisher said. "Color, color, color. Reds are great, maybe go a little darker, go for a richer color."

"We've been doing a lot of warm brown with some soft highlights," Jimenez said. "We're getting away from strong contrasts." Don't have long hair? Fear not. Cutler says you can "glam up short hair with a bit of gel." And add some sparkle. "Even with a simple updo or style, a shiny hair accessory would be the perfect touch," she said.

If you've decided it's time for a new hair color, make sure you change the shades of your makeup if necessary. And for evening, go for a festive look.

"Shimmer is in this year and it's the perfect look for the holidays," Cutler said.

According to Cutler, there are two classic looks this season: "The smoky, shimmery eye paired with light or neutral lips, and the deep red lip balanced with a light eye."

Makeup artist Erin Fortune of the Danny Jimenez Salon says the holidays will bring smoky eyes with dramatic lashes. And you get that drama by wearing false eyelashes. "And shimmer is important, the more the better," Fortune said. This is the season to go for the glam because half of the fun is getting ready to wow everybody at the party.