To ensure maximum results from a teleconference there are several tips you can apply so the call is effective, efficient and achieves the objective of the call.

Know how to establish a teleconference
Learn how to use this function either on your own mobile phone or in the office. Write the instructions on how to establish a call and leave it beside the phone or in the boardroom.

Turn off all mobile phones
That's right not just to silent mode but turn it off - nobody is indispensable! In teleconferences it is rude to answer calls or send SMS messages while another meeting is occurring. If you have message bank on your phone callers will always be able to reach you.

Set an agenda
Regardless of how long the call will be, set a specific agenda and circulate to all participants in advance. Allocate specific timeframes to each speaker. If they have an allocated agenda item, every participant should adhere to that time frame.

Keep quiet
It is difficult to hear when you are on a teleconference if people are shuffling papers, sending SMS, having side line conversations – don't do it. Be still and listen to the whole conversations.

Keep conversations short
Not everyone around you wants to hear your plans or the details so keep conversations short and to the point. Remember the cost of teleconference calls can be expensive - save the company money where you can.

Only have one person speak at a time
This courtesy will assist participants hear the whole conversation. On some teleconferences when one person talks it cuts out the sound for everyone else.

Be considerate about time
Try to restrict your calls to business hours (unless your job indicates otherwise). Mobile phones and teleconferences have made us even more accessible to other team members, be aware people have lives outside of the office.

Try to conduct all teleconferences on a landline
If you are on your mobile phone you may experience dropouts or low signal areas making the call frustrating and you may miss out on important information. Calls to mobile phones are expensive so try to save the company money wherever possible.

Always be professional
Keep the conversation on the topic of discussion and don't vary from the agenda unless vital.

Be considerate
Kep the information relevant to participants and don't use language or jargon that may not be understood by participants (especially when dealing with technology projects).

Teleconferences are an essential part of our business however to achieve greater results from this facility apply these tips and your teleconferences will achieve your objective.