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Now you see them, now you don't:

John Reinhold's not-so-secret Rattle Ring

Luxury Jewelry: Deep down, no one likes a show off, so the idea of "if you've got flaunt it" didn't sit well with jewelry designer John Reinhold or fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Given their industry you wouldn't expect these men to shun putting their assets on display-or encouraging their clients to keep their treasures under wraps. But that's exactly what they did and surprisingly enough, the trend has caught on. Reinhold's signature Rattle Ring has definitely created a rattle among socialites, celebrities, artists and other high-browed and well-heeled consumers. For those who love jewelry but don't necessarily want to show it off to the world, this is the ultimate ring for the discreet: elegantly simple on the outside, with much of its beauty and value hidden to the observer and known, in many cases, only to the owner. Reinhold and designer Marc Jacobs put their heads together to create this two-piece tubular band of 18-karat gold with eight discrete interior compartments, each sized to hold one loose quarter-carat diamond. When the inner part of the ring is rotated against the outer part, a small square portal slides open, revealing in turn each diamond, nestled in its "house" -- as one observer so aptly named the compartments.

A gentle tap, and the diamonds (and now semi-precious stones) fall onto a waiting hand or tabletop. Once the stones are replaced, the ring is rotated closed with a reassuring click, its precious contents safe and secure. So what's the fun in keeping your gems secret? Well, it's not entirely a secret. When your inner circle of friends knows about the ring-and get their own-you can wave to each other, creating a rattle only those in the know can identify. Think of it as a secret handshake between jewelry lovers. Worn by both men and women, the ring has been purchased to mark significant events, given as a gift, and even worn as a wedding band. Several fans have purchased and worn them stacked on their fingers; others wear their rings tucked discretely into blouses on a neck chain. How will you wear yours? Visit