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Pookie & Sebastian-

Puppy Love and Fabulous Clothes

Luxury Apparel: Pookie, Fluffy, Miss Fancy Face. Whatever name you call your four-legged friends, they usually don't have anything to do with your sense of style (unless of course you consider your Chihuahua an accessory).

Well, leave it to a pair of New Yorkers (Yorkies to be exact) to inspire a clothing boutique that has earned such honors as Top 10 Best Women's Clothing Stores by and one of Jill Fairchild's favorite places to shop in her Wear to Wear guide. Not to mention the attention they've garnered in Lucky Magazine, In Style, and Marie Claire. Pet names aside, the business venture of

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(the company) is the product of an unlikely Uptown-Downtown Yorkshire Terrier romance. Since joining boroughs, Pookie & Sebastian have successfully created a unique shopping experience (think Bohemian Rhapsody meets Sex & the City) that everyone can enjoy- Uptown/Downtown address not important.

"Pookie" girls come from all over and instantly become regulars. Known for carrying a wide variety of to-the-minute trends, Pookie & Sebastian have it all-from jewelry to lingerie to handbags to premium denim, dresses, and adorable tops. Pookie & Sebastian staff are always friendly and never take a hoity-toity attitude. If you can't make it to New York, no problem. You can shop online and be a Pookie girl no matter where you live.

Where to shop:

Upper-East Side

1488 Second Avenue

New York, NY 10021

Tel: (212) 861-0550

Upper-West Side

322 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10023

Tel: (212) 580-5844

Murray Hill

541 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 951-7110