Luxury Gifts: Your Life Productions can create a television-broadcast-quality program for just about anything that comes to mind. A personalized film could be made to commemorate an event, a person, or a group to either honor or, perhaps even better, make loving fun of someone or something. The consummately professional crew of YLP has myriad options befitting to both corporate and personal affairs. Programs can be produced in a humorous or a somber tone or both. It is really a matter of determining what the customer wants and then making it.

A produced program could be the centerpiece of a tributary event or a special gathering, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding. The customers essentially are executive producers who work with YLP and its all-encompassing production team.

Since the company has been offering these services since 1987, YLP is quite efficient at delivering the goods. The firm's informative Web site presents a 12-step process and an excellent FAQ section to clarify what is involved in producing a show. Depending on the complexity of the production, the cost could be as low as $7,500 or exceed $100,000.

Your Life Productions can produce a program with material provided, or shot and developed it from inception. A customized piece could be made to mimic or spoof a recognizable television show, a scene from a movie, or a music video. If the desired end result can be communicated, it can be made. A personally produced program is a very creative, contemporary gift.

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