Luxury Footwear: Taryn Rose's ascent in the footwear industry is a path forged by a personal passion for fashion and her previous profession as an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Rose experienced the agony of her own feet prompted by wearing uncomfortable yet fashionable shoes during arduous 14-hour shifts at hospitals. Empathically listening to other shoe lovers voicing similar complaints and treating patients with serious foot problems spurred by high heels and pointy toes prompted Rose to step up and put her best "footwear" forward.

With style and comfort serving equally as the guiding light, all Taryn Rose's shoes are handcrafted in Italy by artisans who spend hours working on each pair of shoes. In 1998, Rose developed her own line of couture shoes. A year later the first Taryn Rose shoe boutique opened in Beverly Hills, Calif. Today Taryn Rose has a complete line of shoes and handbags for both women and men. There are flagship stores in Beverly Hills, NYC, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Seoul, Korea. The Las Vegas boutique is located in the fabulous Forum of Caesars Palace.

Dr. Rose emphatically stresses that aside from being wearable and stylistic, shoes must always fit properly and provide appropriate flexibility and cushioning. Great insight on pampering the feet with specially prepared footbaths is available at the Sole Comfort section of the company's Web site.

The Taryn by Taryn Rose collection is currently being introduced to the marketplace. Taryn Rose merchandise also is available online and at exclusive retail establishments throughout the U.S. and Korea. Visit the firm's very informative Web site for complete info on availability and to view all of TR's shoes and handbags.