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Tips on 'techorating'

By Joan Morris

Contra Costa Times


—Stay focused. Don't try to tackle a full house remodel all at once. Pick one or two rooms that you think would best benefit from an update and start there.

—Pick a focal point and begin your efforts from there. If you are working with a larger living space, remember not to go overboard with one particular theme, pattern or technology. With just a few integral pieces, the room can be made to feel spacious, yet comfortable.

—Consider the space. Remember, the size of your room matters, but bigger isn't always better. The technology in your room should be in proportion to the room for the best aesthetic and functional fit. Look for the best integration over size.

—Keep a clean design. With the TV, speakers, DVD players and more, people today need to practice cord control. New technology and a few easy steps make it easy to maintain a cleaner, more organized look. Go wireless to give your living space a crisp, modern feel.

—Donate your old TV and bring in a new flat-screen for an instant style upgrade. Tabletop or wall-mounting for a flat screen can add space to your room and streamline the look and feel.