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William Goldberg:

Gems by a Gem

Luxury Jewelry: Jewelry by William Goldberg is an expression of passion and excellence. Mr. Goldberg left such an indelible impression in the jewelry industry that in 2006 a street in NYC's fabled Diamond District was named William Goldberg Way. This is a family business that has existed for over 50 years with some of the most extraordinary and renowned collections worldwide. The firm has acquired some of the most stunning uncut diamonds ever documented.

br> The Guinea Star was a stone that weighed in at over 255 carats and produced the 89.01 carat Guinea Star along with three "D" flawless diamonds, two satellite diamonds, an 8.23 carat pear shape, and a 5.03 carat heart shape. The 75.51-carat briolette emerged from a rough 60-plus carat. It was certified by the GIA as the largest, flawless graded briolette (oval shaped) diamond of its time.

William Goldberg offers a stunning collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces of unsurpassed distinction and refinement, including the stunning Ashoka collection, which is named after King Ashoka whose rein dates back to 262 BC. Ashoka pieces are made from large uncut stones of 15 carats and bigger. Less than 200 of such raw diamonds of this size are found annually.

Prestigious fine-jewelry retailers carrying jewelry of William Goldberg are rare too. A complete listing of these establishments throughout the world is available on the website of William Goldberg.