FORMER WIP host Craig Carton and former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason, who cohost a sports talk show on New York's WFAN radio, are taking some flak for a print ad promoting their show.

The ad, which can be seen on trains in the New York subway system, reads: "Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she's wearing a Red Sox Hat."

As expected, the politically-correct crowd is riled by the insensitive nature of the ad. Some websites are actually conducting polls, asking if readers think the radio station crossed the line.

Listen up people. It's an ad from a sports talk show, not congressional referendum. It pokes fun at the heated rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox — nothing more.

And, if you ask us, it's funny. Although personally we think it would be even better if it read: "Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she's wearing a Red Sox Hat or a Cowboys Jersey."

You call this news?

The Associated Press broke two stories yesterday that we could have told you weeks ago.

First, the AP, citing a person with direct knowlege of the situation, revealed that the Colts are going to select quarterback Andrew Luck of Stanford with the first pick of Thursday's NFL draft.

The wire service also reported that the Denver Broncos are going to scrap their option-style offense and install a hurry-up system better suited to the talents of quarterback Peyton Manning.

How long before we get a report that the Flyers are favored to beat the Penguins? n