Here is an excerpt from Monday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez.

What's the over/under on questions about DeSean Jackson celebrations today? Whatever it is, I'm taking the over.

Onward . . .

Comment from Lance: Who do you think is more mature, DeSean Jackson or my 11-year-old son?

Gonzo: And so it begins. I loved the celebration. What was the big deal? He was showing a little style after a huge play, and this time he didn't drop the ball before crossing the goal line. Plus, it rubbed in a division win on the road in Dallas. Jerry Jones could not have been happy about that. I grew up during an era when almost everyone had an end-zone celebration. We need to go back to that. Where's the harm?

Comment from Sean: Will you sign my glove after this chat? Don't worry, I brought a Sharpie.

Gonzo: See, now that was the bigger issue. Jackson was strutting a little. No big deal. But how do you go up to the leader of the team that just beat you in your stadium and ask for his autograph? I wonder if, in high school, Tashard Choice had his lunch money taken and then asked the bully who stole it to autograph the bruises on his face.

Comment from Steve: Seeing as the Clippers are in town on Wednesday, who would win in a dunk contest - Iggy or Blake Griffin?

Gonzo: I'll take Griffin. He's crazy good right now. I'm going to that game. I won tickets at a charity auction. I was the only bidder. Go Sixers.

Comment from Manayunk Mike: Let's put this thing to rest, OK? Everybody knew what DeSean's celebration was. Stupid and awesome. He shouldn't have been flagged. And if he wasn't flagged, everyone would have been all over how awesome it was. People need perspective, Gonzo. In the spirit of Christmas, deliver it unto them.

Gonzo: I want more celebrations, not fewer. Everything in the NFL is over-scrutinized. The league needs to relax a little, and so do the fans and media types who wagged disapproving fingers at Jackson. It's football. It's a game. We'd all do well to remember that.

Comment from Justafan: Stewart Bradley out may make the 'D' a bit more athletic in the pass-coverage arena, but they will miss his leadership and run-stop ability.

Gonzo: Yeah, he was sort of off and on all season, possibly because he never fully recovered from the Flight Night injury. Still, you have to like him out there better than Omar Gaither and the other options. This isn't The Wire. No one in the NFL gets scared when they hear "Omar comin'. "

Comment from TJ Corbs: Thanks for this hard-hitting chat. Maybe if we put the same attention and focus on economic stimulus as we do end-zone celebrations my 401(k) might actually increase in value.

Gonzo: Indeed. In the future, Page 2 will chat about fixing the economy - right after we chat about how much we love The Walking Dead and Olivia Munn. All things in their proper order.

Comment from Greg Schiano: Al Golden [needs] to strike while the iron is hot. Unlike me.

Gonzo: Carpe diem, otherwise, you get stuck in New Jersey. I'm pretty sure that's the whole saying we learned in Latin class.

Comment from Hip Hop: Gonzo, I hear you're coming to the game on Wednesday night. I would like to have a discussion with you. Where are you sitting?

Gonzo: I'll be the one in the Elmer Fudd hat who keeps repeating, "It's wabbit season." Stop on by.

Comment from Mike: Have you congratulated [Bill] Conlin yet on his HOF induction? He certainly deserved it. Are you in any halls of fame?

Gonzo: Congrats to Bill Conlin. He's an excellent writer. No, I'm not in any halls of fame. I hope to have my liver enshrined in the Booze Hall of Fame, but it will be at least two or three years before doctors can harvest the organ.