The following is an excerpt from Monday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez.

Comment from Chris: What's the over/under on the number of weeks Eli [Manning] will be punished for losing yesterday? Archie could not have been pleased.

Gonzo: Eli's pout face was on full display (and probably still is). Love seeing that. But the punter needs to be punished more than Manning. If I was Tom Coughlin, I would have cut Matt Dodge on the spot. I wouldn't have even let him go back to the locker room. After yelling at him, I would have made him take off the helmet and pads and exit the stadium with the rest of the disgraced New Yorkers. Misery and company and all that.

Comment from Tim: Would you rather be Matt Dodge or that high school basketball player who body slammed the referee?

Gonzo: Tough call. Both are pariahs. I'll go with Dodge. At least he gets paid (for now).

Comment from Me: What's with the weird beard, dude?

Gonzo: I'm training for my fight with Ivan Drago.

Comment from Bryan: Did the media forget there was an Eli press conference last night? There were two reporters there.

Gonzo: Tough to watch a grown man pout, Bryan. That's why no one shows up when I hold news conferences.

Comment from docboy: Think we will be seeing Dodge at the unemployment line this week?

Gonzo: I can't imagine keeping him around. He's a punter. There are all sorts of unemployed kickers out there to grab. I think they sell them at Wawa now.

Besides, Coughlin needs a scapegoat. Or, as Emmitt Smith once said, an escape goat. Either way.

Comment from Bruce104: Can you believe it only took one game up there for the Birds to stain the new stadium with another miracle?

Gonzo: After traumatic events, some workplaces will bring in grief counselors. The Giants should have them on call for every Eagles game.

Comment from Brett: So the Phils have a killer rotation with their usual offense, the Eagles pulled out Miracle at the Meadowlands 2, and the Flyers are the best in the NHL. If you had to rank [them], who has the best chance to give us a parade?

Gonzo: I'm actually writing about that for Wednesday's column. What an amazing time to be a Philly sports fan. We have it better than any other fan base in the country.

I'd rank Phils first, then Birds and Flyers in a tie. But I think all three have legit shots to deliver parades.

Comment from Vicks PO: What do you think Michael's chances are of winning the MVP this season?

Gonzo: He's easily the most exciting player in the league this season (with the exception of maybe DeSean Jackson). He makes the Eagles a balanced team because he can run, and his throwing stats are equally silly. Then you have the story line - coming back from prison, not knowing if he can play, taking Kolb's job, leading the Birds (potentially) to the postseason. All of that means he should win the award.

Comment from Lance: Speaking of grown men pouting, did you see McNabb on the sideline [Sunday]? They also ran him out for the coin flip. Talk about insult to injury.

Gonzo: I feel bad for McNabb. Truly. The only people who have to play dress-up for bigger charades than that coin-flip work are rent-a-Santas at the local mall.

Comment from The Pistol: So, I mean, in the end, you know Wilson is just a volleyball, right? Or is this still too sensitive a subject?

Gonzo: Easily the best beard joke I've heard yet. Well played, sir.