In an effort to assemble the most wide-ranging fan attitude survey done in the region throughout 2010, a collaboration was formed among the Daily News, and the Sport Industry Research Center at Temple University.

The result is "The Philly Fan Project" in the Daily News and online at

This is the third installment of our yearlong project. Previous responses were collected in March and August.

This survey reflects the responses of 2,241 subscribers to the daily sports newsletter in the eight-county region of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania and South Jersey suburbs.

Surveys were distributed online to those who lived within the target area and had signed up for the newsletter. Results are representative of the entire group of subscribers within 2 percent plus or minus.

Responses were collected from Dec. 1 through Dec. 10. To be fair, note that two potentially significant events happened in the days after - the Phillies' surprising signing of Cliff Lee and the Eagles' come-from-behind victory over the Giants.

After the data was compiled, the Daily News did interviews with fans and others to provide reaction and context.

More information and past results can be accessed online at

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