San Francisco may have a one-game-to-none lead over Washington in the teams' current series, but the Giants and Nationals are even-steven when it comes to broken right hands on righthanders. (The Nats, however, have an overwhelming edge in margin of stupidity, as we'll explain.)

Giants starter Ryan Vogelsong, the pride of Octorara Area High, suffered two broken bones in his pitching hand fouling one off in the fifth inning of Monday's 8-0 win over the Nationals. He had surgery on Tuesday morning and is likely out for two months or more.

The 35-year-old Vogelsong is a tough guy, though. He waited until the end of the game, with his hand wrapped, to congratulate his teammates.

As for the Nats, they lost reliever Ryan Mattheus, who lost a punching contest with a locker following Washington's 13-4 loss to San Diego on Sunday, in which he allowed five runs in a seventh-inning stint.

He didn't tell anyone he had hurt his hand until Monday, before the game against the Giants, according to Nats manager Davey Johnson, who must have been so very pleased.

Tuesday's game between the teams ended, as we say, too late for this edition, but let's hope nothing else was broken.

O's charged with error. Because that's what real news organizations do, the Associated Press has issued a correction on their story of Tampa Bay's 3-1 win over Baltimore on Sunday, saying it reported wrongly that Rays pitcher Matt Moore, 23, is the youngest lefty to start the season 8-0 since a 22-year-old Babe Ruth did it in 1917. The AP was relying on Orioles game notes.

Turns out, Moore is the youngest AL lefthander used exclusively as a starter to start 8-0 since Ruth.

It's still no mistake to say that it's impressive.