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Tape reportedly shows Pittburgh's Tomlin sidling onto field

The NFL is still deciding what to do about Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who appeared to impede Baltimore kick returner Jacoby Jones during the Ravens' 22-20 win over the Steelers on Thursday night.

The NFL is still deciding what to do about Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who appeared to impede Baltimore kick returner Jacoby Jones during the Ravens' 22-20 win over the Steelers on Thursday night.

Tomlin said he was watching the play unfold on the Jumbotron and lost his "placement" on the field, causing Jones to veer to his right just before being tackled by Pittsburgh's Cortez Allen after a 73-yard return.

But now there's some film-at-11 from Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV, released Monday, apparently showing Tomlin sidling over, taking a big step, and putting a foot on the field as Jones broke into the open, not moving until the return man is nearly on top of the coach.

Tomlin was not called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play, but maybe that was because the referees were in a particularly giving mood this holiday season.

Mistakes were made. The NFL says Sunday night's officiating crew should have stopped play and made the down and distance clearer at the end of the New York Giants' 24-17 victory over the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins were driving for a possible tying score in the final minutes when referee Jeff Triplette signaled third down on a second-and-5. Only the referee can rule and signal a first down, but the head linesman, with Washington in a hurry-up offense, motioned for the crew to advance the chains, which caused the down boxes to read first down.

"In this situation where there is obvious confusion as to the status of the down, that play should have been stopped prior to third down and the correct down communicated to both clubs," league officiating director Dean Blandino said Monday in a statement. "This should have occurred regardless of the fact that Washington had no timeouts and it was inside two minutes."

Washington coach Mike Shanahan said he told an official he wanted a measurement. "It was inches. And he said, 'No, it's a first down.' And he moved the chains. And then after I saw it was fourth down, I asked him, 'You already told me it was first down.' He didn't say anything. So that was quite disappointing."

Triplette defended not stopping play, saying it "would have given an unfair advantage." But Blandino said Monday that was the wrong decision.

Shanahan wasn't the only perturbed coach Monday. Tennessee's Mike Munchak said the NFL told him officials were mistaken on three plays in the Titans' 22-14 loss to Indianapolis.

And Arizona coach Bruce Arians said he sent "about 15 plays" to the league for review by Blandino after the Cardinals' 24-21 loss to the Eagles at the Linc.

Put me in, coach. If you ever thought you could be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but got sidetracked by something like, say, not playing in college (or high school, or Pop Warner), you still may want to give the Cleveland Browns a call.

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden suffered a concussion sometime during Cleveland's 32-28 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday (and yet, still managed to throw for 370 yards and three touchdowns). Following NFL protocol for a head injury, he's out until he can pass the league-mandated concussion tests. Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said Weeden came to work Monday morning and was sent home.

Since Weeden was filling in for starter Jason Campbell, who is still recovering from a concussion sustained last week on a blind-side hit by Pittsburgh's William Gay, the Browns are a little short in the QB department for next Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. Chudzinski said Campbell has been cleared for football activities but not yet for practice.

So for now, the starting quarterback for the Browns looks to be Alex Tanney, signed off Dallas' practice squad last week. Tanney, the pride of Monmouth (Ill.) College, set some crazy D-III passing records with the Fighting Scots, made a notorious trick-shot viral video, was once proclaimed to be "super-human" by Marvel icon Stan Lee on TV, and has never played a down during an NFL game that counts.

Chudzinski, not exactly giving Tanney a vote of confidence, says the Browns may sign a free agent.

So limber up that arm. The line forms over there, behind Tim Tebow.

And Matt Leinart, David Carr, Vince Young, Charlie Batch, JaMarcus Russell, Mike Kafka . . .