LeSean McCoy

He set a franchise record for rushing yards in a game, is on pace to establish the team mark for a season, and is the Eagles' likely MVP. McCoy should also receive consideration for the league's top award.

Mother Nature

She fooled with the Eagles more than the Lions for nearly three quarters, but a game in difficult weather finally swung in the Birds' direction.

Chip Kelly

It looked like he tried to stick with his original game plan, the snow be damned. But when Plan A didn't work, Kelly adjusted, and the Eagles starting rolling behind the strength of a dominant running game.

Eagles O-line

Nearly 300 yards on the ground is nothing to sneeze at. Center Jason Kelce, tackles Jason Peters and Lane Johnson, and guards Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans deserve all the accolades they'll get.

Lions D-line

They were billed as one of the best in the NFL, especially the interior of the line with tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. But they got rumbled over by the Eagles blockers and shot themselves in the collective foot with six penalties.

Bill Davis

His defense allowed just one touchdown, and it came against a short field after an Eagles turnover.

Connor Barwin

The linebacker led the Eagles with six tackles, two for loss, one forced fumble, and another recovered.

Nick Foles

He tossed his first interception of the season, but it deserved an asterisk because of the snow. Foles was all over the barn in the first half, but he made some key, deep throws in the second half and won his sixth game against one loss as a starter.

Brent Celek

He's a true team leader and as unselfish as they come, but I don't get the logic in sliding short of the touchdown late in the game. He said it was to limit plays and the possibility for injury.

Eagles Special Teams

Dave Fipp's teams had been so good for the last two months, it feels nitpicky to focus on their performance in a blizzard. One return for a touchdown would have been excusable. But two?

Jeremy Ross

The Lions returner ran for the aforementioned touchdowns.

Matt Stafford

He fumbled four snaps - one of which was clearly on the center - and completed just 10 of 25 passes for 148 yards. Stafford has one the strongest arms in the league, but Foles was better with the deep ball.

Chris Polk

Four carries for 50 yards and a 38-yard touchdown - not bad for the north-to-south, third-string running back.

- Jeff McLane