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Rollins: Philly not 'conducive' to being a superstar

Former Phillies Jimmy Rollins said he feels 'free' now that he's playing with Dodgers.

SAY IT AIN'T so, Jimmy.

Rollins was traded to the Dodgers in December, but, for 15 seasons, he was a fan favorite while playing for the Phillies.

In a recent interview with Ken Rosenthal, of Fox Sports, Rollins acknowledged that he "loved" playing in Philly, but also said he felt "free" as he embarks on his first season with the Dodgers.

"I feel like I'm free to be myself without someone on my shoulder," Rollins said. "Obviously, everyone has parameters and limits. You have to play within the boundaries. But when you're a leader, rules are a little different for you. When you're a superstar, rules are a little different. You're held to a higher standard, which I love . . . But if I was going to talk trash, that was going to rub people the wrong way. Because it wasn't blue-collar to talk trash.

"The general area, the city [of Philadelphia] being blue-collar, it's not conducive for a superstar. You can be good, but you've got to be blue-collar along the way, keep your mouth shut, just go and work. Where obviously, this is LA. It's almost like it's OK to be more flamboyant. You kind of appreciate that the more you're out there. Because LA loves a star."

Something tells us he'll fit right in.

Brotherly love?

At yesterday's NFL meetings in Phoenix, Bills coach Rex Ryan was asked whether his twin, Rob, could become a head coach in the NFL someday.

"Absolutely," Rex said. "So much so that he believes in himself so much he won't get a haircut and keeps that belly the way it is. He's darned determined to show the league that 'I'm going to be a head coach and do it my way.' No you're not. It's unfortunate. I'm still trying to get that message across to him."

Rob has been a defensive coordinator with four teams, including the Saints, who hired him in 2013.