The NHL's motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought by former players over concussion-related injuries was largely rejected by a federal judge, allowing the claims to move forward.

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson in St. Paul, Minn., issued her order Wednesday.

The plaintiffs in the case have been seeking unspecified financial damages and medical monitoring for neurological disorders. Their stance is the league had the knowledge and resources to better prevent head trauma, failed to properly warn players of such risks, and promoted violent play that led to their injuries.

Nelson wrote that the former players "adequately alleged that the NHL negligently or fraudulently omitted information about the dangers and risks of repeated head trauma" in this case.

New head of Hall

Lanny McDonald has been a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame since 1992. Now he's the man in charge.

McDonald was selected as chairman of the board of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, succeeding the late Pat Quinn.

- Associated Press