CLEARWATER, Fla. - Cameron Perkins tried wearing batting gloves when he was in high school, thinking the gloves would look cool.

"But it felt like I was holding a tree trunk," Perkins said.

The minor-league outfielder spent time this week in major-league camp, displaying his bare-handed hitting style. He said hitting without batting gloves gives him a better grip and feel.

Perkins said the bat might slip from his hands once a year, but his style has not given him problems. He is the only player this spring who has opted to go without batting gloves.

"In college and pro ball, I figured out that I didn't like wearing batting gloves," Perkins said. "It doesn't matter if it's zero degrees or 100 degrees. I just don't like them."

The Phillies drafted Perkins out of Purdue in the sixth round in 2012. He spent all of last season at double-A Reading, where he batted .252 with a .718 OPS in 100 games and was an Eastern League all-star. Perkins, 25, could start the season at triple-A Lehigh Valley.

"Everyone is always like, 'Why don't you wear batting gloves?' It's kind of my thing, I guess," Perkins said.