You keep them in your basement. Your garage. Your office. Or tucked away in a box in the attic.

They provide memories of your childhood. Or are passed along to you from your parents, or your favorite uncle.

Sports memorabilia from the foul ball your dad caught at Shibe Park to the autographed program you got waiting outside the Spectrum has provided a link between generations, a means to mark history, and proof that you were there when the big moment happened.

It also has become big business.

The Daily News asked readers to provide us with stories of their most unique piece of sports memorabilia. We were flooded with emails and checked out countless items. The result is this two-part series called, "Whatcha Got?"

In order to make our own "Antiques Roadshow," we asked Dave Hunt, president of Hunt Auctions Inc. in Exton, to review pictures of the items and provide a ballpark estimate as to what they might be worth.

Videographer Michele Tranquilli also recorded vignettes about the items and their owners. You can watch them on our website at

This is just the beginning, though. If you have a unique item, please send us an email at