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New Jersey teen asks gold medal-winning Gabby Douglas to prom

New Jersey teen, Leon Purvis, aims high and asks gold medalist Gabby Douglas to prom.

New Jersey teenager Leon Purvis is hoping to strike gold with his prom date next year.  Leon, who gained mild internet fame last year with his YouTube video asking Justin Beiber to his junior prom, is at it again.  This time, the target is gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

In a Youtube video posted last week, Purvis asks Douglas to prom, stating "It will be an honor if you went to my senior prom with me, as my date.  Not only is your story incredible and you are an amazing person, but your work ethic really inspires me."

Purvis, who attends Glassboro High School in New Jersey, has yet to hear back from Gabby Douglas, but remains hopeful.  "I'm hoping to get her to be the date to my senior prom," he states.

If successful, Purvis won't be the first high school student to secure a professional athlete as a prom date in 2012.  In May, high school senior Joyce Grendel went out on a limb and asked Cleveland Brows cornerback Joe Haden to her prom via Twitter, and was extremely excited when he accepted the invitation.

There was also fellow olympian, Lindsey Vonn, who agreed to attend a sophomore's homecoming.

So, Purvis' request isn't completely unusual, but you can't help but keep your fingers crossed for the kid.  If his invitation gets denied however, at least he has a backup plan in place.  "This year Gabby is my first choice," he explains. "All the other girls will be the backup if she doesn't go."