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Grading Howie Roseman's 2011 draft

It started with Danny Watkins, a disaster. It didn't get much better after that. How would you grade an Eagles draft that was memorable for all of the wrong reasons?

Howie Roseman's second draft as GM produced netted the Eagles 11 picks a year after they totaled a whopping 13. He was given more control over the crafting and implementing of the process. Nonetheless, Andy Reid still did retain final say over personnel and was as involved in the first two picks as anyone. The class was one of the worst in team history.

It's easy to point out the players the Eagles could have drafted. In fact, many team's drafts could look cringe-worthy when applying the same practice in retrospect. But there were some notable whiffs. They also avoided a few busts. The names, in most cases, aren't familiar. But that's the point. And in some circumstances – represented by a "N/A" -- the Eagles did about as well (or as bad) as they could have in that round.